SENATE Must Go! Just Like Britain’s “House of Lords”
March 23rd, 2021 by uniontv

How the British “House of Lords” lost their Political power

The British House of Lords is most closely linked to our U.S. SENATE.

The British House of Commons is more linked to the HOUSE of REPS.

Lords are like our Senators. Commons like our House of Representatives.

“Lords” are “Nobles”, Marqueses & Dukes. They own 75-85% of UK Wealth.

After a series of early 1900s Bank failures, famines, and food riots, the U.K. Parliament passed the PEOPLE’S ACT. The Act included a minimal Tax on Landowners, raised the Income tax, including a “Super Tax” on incomes over 5000 UK Pounds. The first Welsh-born “Liberal Party” Prime Minister, David Lloyd George called this the “PEOPLE’S BUDGET”. 

The House of Lords angrily ridiculed poverty and the suffering of the Poor.   House of Lord’s political Cartoons laughed at the popular “People’s Budget”.   The House of Lords blocked every single attempt at Reform.

Prime Minister Lloyd-George got his revenge in the Parliament Act of 1911.  

The Parliament Act said the austerity hawks in the House of Lords may NOT STOP ANY Legislation from the House of Commons. The arrogant Lords, dating back to the Magna Carta, were finally silenced.

During this painful Covid-19 Pandemic.  Our Corporate-owned, corrupt Senate has blocked us every time. The Senate must go.  We could expand the House. Add new States, Puerto Rico, Washington, Virgin Islands, et al. 

William (Bill) Floyd – Labor Union TV and the new

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